Our Services

Reliability analysis

Services in reliability test planning and tailoring, life-time estimation and failure analysis.

Material analysis

Services in material selection, long-term stability and material characterization.

Adhesive interconnections

We help you to select adhesives and glues and optimize their interconnections.

Environmental reliability testing

We offer wide range of standard and tailored tests with test set-ups optimised for your product.


We offer engineering courses in topics related to materials, reliability and adhesive interconnections.


Trelic AlihankintaHEATissa syyskuussa!

Trelic on mukana 25.-27.9.2018 Alihankintamessuilla. Ständimme sijaitsee Startup-yritysten verkostoitumistapahtuma AlihankintaHEATin puolella messuaulassa. Tule juttelemaan luotettavuudesta ja materiaaleista kanssamme!

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Trelic attending ARDC Europe conference this week!

Meet Laura in Copenhagen this week (24.-26.4) in Applied Reliability and Durability conference (ARDC). She will held a presentation with topic “Material Characterization as a Tool for Reliability and Failure Analysis”. If you happen to be in ARDC, don’t hesitate to have a talk with Laura about long-term stability of plastics and how to test

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Meet Trelic in April in Berlin and Copenhagen

April is a busy travelling month for Trelic! Check out the events and come to discuss with us about future collaboration! * Meet Laura and Sanna in IDTechEx (Printed Electronics Europe) in Berlin on April 11-12. Laura will also held a very informative presentation about Flex-on-flex attachments using anisotropic conductive adhesives. * Meet Laura in

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Trelic attending Climatic Reliability of Electronics 2018 seminar in DTU

Laura Frisk will held a presentation with a title “Surface Insulation Resistance testing of conformal coatings used in electronics” on 31st of January in DTU, Denmark. Welcome to learn more about conformal coatings and to discuss about the future collaboration with Laura! More info of the seminar can be found in https://in-spe-2018.b2match.io/

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Trelic in Semicon Europa in mid November!

Laura and Sanna will be in Semicon Europa, Munich in November 14-16. Let’s meet and greet in Munich! If you want to talk about collaboration regarding packaging, reliability or materials, please contact us at info@trelic.fi! Laura will also held two interesting presentations on Wednesday 15th. In Advanced Packaging Conference her topic is “Corrosion behaviour of

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Polymer reliability course available next week (Sept.2017) in Tampere!

Read Laura’s interesting article about polymers and join our course next week! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/plastics-polymers-bad-materials-just-misunderstood-laura-frisk

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Trelic attending EMPC 2017 Conference and Exhibition in Warsaw

Trelic is attending EMPC 2017 Conference and Exhibition held on 10th – 13th September 2017 in Warsaw, Poland. Come to chat with Laura and Sanna to our exhibition booth!  http://empc2017.pl/

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Trelic attending NordPac2017 Conference and Exhibition

Trelic is attending Nordpac 2017 Conference and Exhibition held on 18th – 20th June 2017 in Gothenburg. Come to chat with Laura and Juha to our exhibition booth!  http://neu.nordic.imapseurope.org/index.php/program Our team will also have presentations. On 19th Juha will talk about development of dust test method for motor drives. On 20th Laura will held her

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Trelic’s picture of the week 2/2017 published!

Go and check the new picture in our blog!

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Welcome to read our blog!

Trelic has launched a blog! Check out our  picture puzzle of the week.

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Join us in our Materials course this June to learn more about materials and their properties!

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New materials are developed constantly. They are often key enabler to totally new products. It is very important to understand how different materials behave to avoid potentially fatal material mistakes in new products. However, it is not uncommon that people working in product development and manufacturing have very little background knowledge of the materials they

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Presentation in ARS Europe about Design of Experiments

Trelic will attend ARS Europe in Milan on 19th to 21st of April. Laura Frisk will give a talk about Design on Experiments. Welcome to hear more about our work and to discuss about the future collaboration!

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Innovation voucher / Innovaatioseteli (Tekes)

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Trelic listed as a service provider in Innovation voucher program by Tekes! Innovation vouchers (6.200 € inc. VAT) can be used to purchase new knowledge and skills for your business. You may use them for purchasing expert services related to innovation activities. Innovation activities refer to all measures employed by the company to develop its

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Presentation in Seminar on the climatic reliability of electronics at DTU

Laura Frisk will held a presentation with a title “Corrosion reliability of printed circuit board surface finishes under salt spray and gaseous conditions” on 19th of January in DTU, Denmark. Welcome to hear more about our work and to discuss about the future collaboration!

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Welcome to Trelic news

Here we are going to tell about the latest news regarding Trelic.

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