consultation and education for reliability and materials

Consultation and education for reliability and materials

Trelic Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis is a critical part of product development.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Accelerated Life Testing

Accelerated life tesitng is used to analyse how

Trelic Reliability analysis

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is used to analyse why a failure occurred and how to ensure that the failure does not  happen again in the future.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Material Analysis

Material analysis is an important part of product development. Additionally, it often gives vital information for failure analysis. 

Trelic Reliability analysis

Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics enable exciting new applications. From reliability and materials point of view it has many features which needs to be considered.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion is one of the most common failure mechanisms. Corrosion can be tested and analysed with lots of different methods.

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