About Us

Trelic (Ltd) is a spin-off company from Tampere University of Technology, starting since November 2016. The company provides consultation and experimental work on electronics materials, packaging technologies and reliability testing.

Trelic is based on the research the founders have conducted in Tampere University of Technology in the Packaging and reliability research group in numerous industrial projects. The company offers services in electronics packaging, materials characterisation and reliability analysis including planning of reliability testing, failure analysis and accelerated life testing. Additionally, the company offers courses in several areas. The company works in many industrial areas including, for example, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics and power electronics.

The company offers services which will allow client companies to adapt new packaging technologies and materials and verify their usability and reliability. Additionally, the company offers small scale production for challenging packaging technologies. Moreover, the services include analysis for the reliability of a product using various test methods, development of tailored reliability testing methods and in-depth failure analysis.

Brief history

The origin of the company is in the packaging and reliability research group, which was established in the Institute of Electronics, Tampere University of Technology in 1998. During the years the group has worked in a vast variety of industrial and academic projects. The group has always conducted a very close collaboration with the companies of its field.

The projects of the group have dealt for example with miniaturization, flip chip and flex on board technologies, RFID packaging technologies, and industrial electronics packaging. Additionally, many of the projects have dealt with material characterization and materials selection. For example, various interconnection materials such as lead free solders and electrically conductive adhesives as well as protective materials such as coatings, glob tops and over molds have been widely studied in the group. The majority of the projects have dealt with reliability issues and several projects have concentrated on reliability testing for example related to tailored accelerated life testing. In several projects the group has developed new testing methods to assess reliability of a product. The projects have been funded mostly by TEKES, but the group has also had projects funded by the Academy of Finland and EU. The research of the group has been published in numerous scientific articles and has been presented in the leading conferences.

“Trelic team”

Laura Frisk, Ph.D. (2007, materials science). Laura has been involved in the reliability research group at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) almost from its start. From 2009 onwards she took on the financial and strategic responsibility of the group. She has worked in a wide range of topics in electronics packaging, materials and reliability. Her specialties are polymer materials and their use, interconnections, substrates, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and failure analysis.

Janne Kiilunen, Ph.D. (2014, electronics). Janne joined the reliability research group in 2004. Since then he has worked in a number of projects relating electronics reliability and accelerated environmental testing. He has also been involved with project management. His specialties include accelerated reliability testing, development of testing and measurement methods, and failure analysis.

Sanna Lahokallio, M.Sc. (2011, electronics). Sanna joined the group in 2009. Her main areas have been RFID and electrically conductive adhesives and their use at challenging environments. Her specialties include also material analysis, interconnection technologies, printed circuit boards (PCB), adhesives and failure analysis.

Juha Pippola, M.Sc. (2010, electronics). Juha started working in the group in 2010. His main topic has been testing of industrial and power electronics devices using multi stress accelerated test methods. Additionally, he has been working in projects with an aim to develop better corrosion testing methods and to analyze the effect of coatings on corrosion. His specialties include accelerated reliability testing at product level, mechanical testing, dust and corrosion testign and failure analysis.