Adhesive interconnections

We have comprehensive knowledge of adhesive interconnections. We have the knowhow and equipment to manufacture and optimize adhesive bonding processes for several applications. We work with many adhesive types such as electrical, thermal, optical and non-conductive adhesives.

We can also help you to select the most suitable adhesive materials!

Electrically conductive adhesives

One type of adhesives is very close to our hearts: Electrically conductive adhesives, ECAs, ACAs, ACPs, ACFs, ICAs, ICPs, epoxy glues, silver glues – however you want to call them.

Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives are very useful and versatile materials. They can perform very reliably even in harsh environments, but for this a right material must be chosen and the attachment process must be optimized.

Various kinds of electrically conductive adhesives are commercially available. However, depending on their composition, intended use and their sensitivity to bonding parameters, they are not as straightforward to use as solders.

When selecting an adhesive material, several things affect the requirements for suitable adhesive. These include for example materials (component, substrate, conductive traces), particle in the adhesive (material, size, concentration) and use environment for the final product.

We have worked with ECAs for more than 15 years, especially in demanding applications.

We can help you to select the best ECA for your  application and to obtain the best and the most reliable bonding profile! For new applications we strongly recommend experimental testing of several adhesives, since even relative similar materials can have very different stability and reliability in use.

Check our blog for more information of ECAs!

Attachment methods for ECAs

Flex and stretch attachments

We can attach various flex and stretch structures including flex-on-board, flex-to-flex, stretch-on-board and stretch-on-flex.

Flip chip

We can attach flip chip attachments both on rigid substrates (chip-on-board, chip-on-glass) and flexible substrates (chip-on-flex). We have years of experience in small pitch as well as large area and high I/O flip chip attachments on different substrate types. We can for example attach demanding sensor components.

Pick and place

We offer attachments of surface mount components for prototyping and test structures even with small components.

Optimization of bonding processes

Adhesives are very useful and versatile materials. They can perform very reliably even in harsh environments, but for this a right material must be selected and the attachment process must be optimized.

We can optimize your process parameter for example with principles of design of experiments (DOE)!

Reliability of adhesive interconnections

Products can be exposed to various environmental stresses during assembly, shipment, storage and operation, which may cause failures. Furthermore, materials age which may cause deterioration of material properties and cause malfunction.

One of our main expertise areas is understanding demanding environments, what kind of stresses are present and how to consider them regarding your product.

We can help you with interconnection technology, and component and material selection for demanding applications!

We have also widely worked with protective materials in electronics including optical adhesives, conductive adhesives, conformal coatings, underfills, glob tops and overmoulds and can provide services with these materials.

We have years of experience in performing accelerated life testing and we can assist you in the selection of the most relevant test methods. We also provide standard and tailored reliability testing including failure analysis.

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