Is Trelic #VaihtoehtoEskolle?

22/11/2017 Tampere

Is Trelic #VaihtoehtoEskolle?


#VaihtoehtoEskolle – campaign is up and running in Finnish social media channels. The campaign, run by science communications agency Kaskas Media, wants to embrace science. “Finns love science, but according to the most recent Science Barometer, most of them can only name one living scientist. That’s astronomer Esko Valtaoja. Both his work and ability to popularize it have brought joy to science lovers for decades. But there’s only one Esko, and even he doesn’t know everything. And why should he? The country is full of researchers – tens of thousands of them! – of all research fields. It’s time to give Esko a break and present some options.”

What a wonderful idea!

But what has this to do with Trelic? Well, the whole Trelic Team – Laura, Janne, Juha and Sanna – has background from research. The years spent at technical university has given us the rare opportunity to study reliability matters in a vast spectrum: from miniaturized parts to whole products, from consumer electronics to medical electronics and industrial electronics. We have studied various materials and done tons of different tests, mostly up to the point where all tested samples have failed. These things have given us the expertise to combine information we have learned throughout the years and to understand and solve different reliability problems. Therefore, we have a perfect background to help our customers (that is, You!).

For example Laura is definitely a #vaihtoehtoEskolle. In addition of being our CEO, she’s also a docent (associate professor) at Tampere University of Technology and European guru of electrically conductive adhesives.

More info of the campaign: