Trelic’s picture of the week 03/2018

Why does it matter whether you drop your phone to a swimming pool, to a lake, to a sea or to the loo?


We have all been there or at least know someone who has done it: dropped their phone into water! The Internet is full of advices how to save your phone, from absorbing the water with uncooked rice to bathing your phone in alcohol.

But why does it matter to which kind of water you drop your phone?



Swimming pool and salty sea water are the worst places for your phone. From experience, we can also comment that the salty water on the streets during Finnish spring, when snow is melting, can be quite bad for your phone. But why? Because in addition to the water itself, salt in the sea, various impurities and chemicals for example in swimming pools will cause corrosion in your phone. Salt and many impurities also conduct electricity, which increases the risk for short circuits and lethal failures for your phone. Even if your phone works after cleaning and drying, the risk for failures in the near future due to corrosion increases significantly.

On the other hand, lakes with fresh water or the loo (assuming the water in it is relatively clean) are not that bad, because of the absence of salts and other harmful chemicals. The water may still harm your phone, but with less corrosive products around, careful drying will most likely save your phone.

So, be careful with your phone near water, but especially near salty and dirty water!