Trelic’s picture of the week 15/2017

What happens here?


Is someone crafting Christmas decorations? Well, not this time.

A few weeks ago we wrote about real-time measurements during reliability testing. In this picture you can see all the stuff needed for attaching measurement wires to test samples. It’s handicrafts: You need to connect wires to measurement blocks, peel the wires to be able to attach them, do the attachments and of course mark the samples.

We typically solder the wires to test boards, because soldered attachments of test wires tend to be very reliable and stable. Usually polyimide tape is used for strain relief and to support the wire attachments. Sometimes we need to use electrically conductive adhesives for the attachments, but this is slightly more challenging. Sometimes, it is also possible to use various connector structures to attach the measurement wires. If such connector structures are used, it is vital to first confirm their reliability, as otherwise, one ends up measuring the reliability of the connectors.

The test samples in this case are flex-to-flex attachments. Both flexes are made of PET and are attached to each other with anisotropically conductive adhesive.