Flexible electronics

Are you developing products with flexible electronics? Would you like to assess the reliability of your product? Or, do you need help with electrical attachments?

Let us help! We have extensive knowledge of testing and manufacturing flexible electronics.

Reliability and stability testing of flexible electronics

Reliability is one of the key factors when new structures are developed. Without adequate service life and reliability, a product cannot be commercially utilized.

In electronics stretchable and flexible structures are getting more and more popular. Such structures are utilized for example in medical and wearable electronics, smart cards, and flexible displays and batteries.

Several new structures and materials have been developed for flexible and stretchable electronics. However, the reliability and long-term behavior of these structures is still widely unknown and new test methods for their reliability analysis is needed.

Bending and stretching are very typical stressors for flexible electronics. To ensure that your products will withstand these demands, we are offering bending testing and stretching testing.

Our bending testers are based on dynamic three-point-bending method which can easily and quickly ensure the reliability of your product during hundreds of thousands or even a million bending cycles. They can be used for both bending and stretching testing!

Our testers are versatile for many product dimensions and bending radii. Bending testing can also be combined with environmental stresses.

We can offer continuous bending testing in humid environment at increased temperature. Such combinations of mechanical and environmental stresses can break a product extremely quickly in real use.

We can also test stretching with a tester that uses torsion. This tester is also very fast and versatile.

We offer monitoring the electrical behaviour of the samples in real-time during testing!

Interconnections for flexible and stretchable structures

To create a product of printed flexible or stretchable structures they must be attached either to each other or to other structures such as energy sources.

Often the materials used in printed electronics are materials which cannot withstand soldering. With inks and substrate materials such as PET or paper, electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) are often used to form electrical connectivity between different parts.

Our team members have worked for 20 years with ECA attachments in various applications. We know how to select suitable adhesive materials and how to optimize reliable interconnections.

We have professional equipment for producing small series of attachments. We offer for example flex-on-board, flex-to-flex, stretch-on-board and stretch-on-flex.

We have worked widely with both anisotropically conductive adhesives (ACA, ACF, ACP) and isotropically conductive adhesive (ICA, silver epoxies).

 Especially with ACAs very reliable interconnections for flexible attachments can be achieved. ACAs enable thin interconnections and small pitches and they can be used with many substrate, component and metallization materials.

We help you to find the best solution and materials for the interconnections in your product!

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