Would you like to learn more about reliability and how to analyse it?

Listen our webinar series about reliability! The first webinar deals with how to determine and analyse reliability. The second part deals with failure analysis and its importance as a part of reliability analysis. The third webinar deals with materials, their parameters and how reliability analysis can benefit from this information.

Basics of Reliability Analysis

Good reliability is one of the most important features of a successful product. Still, during R&D projects reliability often lacks the importance it deserves. This webinar deals with the basics of reliability analysis. It helps you to understand what reliability analysis means, how reliability should be tested and gives you practical tools to exploit reliability in your own work.


Why is reliability analysis so important?

Why products fail?

Reliability goals, mission profile and testing

Reliability prediction and reliability data

Failure Analysis as a Part of Reliability Analysis

This webinar deals with failure analysis. It helps you to understand the basics of failure analysis, the most common reasons for failures and to choose suitable analysis methods to your needs.


Why is reliability analysis needed?

Stressors and failure mechanisms

Analysis methods

Material Characterization as a Tool in R&D and Reliability Engineering Projects 

Products tend to consist of several various materials and especially plastics are increasingly used in new desings. Unsuitable material choices and changes in material parameters due to environmental conditions cause unwanted and unnecessary problems in R&D projects, quality controls and in the products themselves. This webinar deals with measuring material properties (characterization) and how R&D projects and reliability projects can benefit from the characterization results. The webinar helps you to understand how different materials behave and how to choose suitable analysis methods for your needs.


What is material characterization and why should material properties be measured?

Effect of environmental conditions on material properties

Material characterization methods and tools

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