Project to develop test methods for combinatory stretch and bend testing


Reliability is one of the key factors when new structures are developed. Without adequate service life and reliability, a product cannot be commercially utilized. In electronics stretchable and flexible structures are getting more and more popular. Such structures are utilized for example in medical and wearable electronics, smart cards, and flexible displays and batteries.

Several new structures and materials have been developed for flexible and stretchable electronics. However, the reliability and long-term behavior of these structures is still widely unknown and new test methods for their reliability analysis is needed.

In this project we are developing new reliability test methods for stretchable and flexible electronics. The goal of the project is to combine dynamic mechanical stresses with environmental stresses. This means we could for example do continuous bending testing in humid environment. Such combinations of mechanical and environmental stresses can break a product extremely quickly in real use. Therefore it is vital to consider them simultaneously in testing.

The aim is to, especially, consider the needs of flexible and stretchable structures and how they need to be taken into account in reliability analysis.

If you are interested in the project or looking for a partner in functionality and reliability testing of electronics structures, please contact:

Laura Frisk, laura.frisk [at] ; +358 50 5979667

The project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)



Examples of our customer projects:

Development of tailored test method for an industrial device using dust, humidity and electrical stresses

Development of test method and material selection for polymer adhesive used in demanding environmental conditions

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Examples of our application areas :

Reliability analysis

Accelerated life testing

Data analysis       

Statistical analysis

Reliability tools and models

Failure mechanisms and failure analysis

Tailored accelerated testing

Multi-stress testing

Material analysis

Characterisation techniques

Long-term stability

Materials selection

Polymers and composites

Material related failures

Protective materials

Adhesive interconnections

Flip chip, flex attachments

Adhesives and glues

Protective materials (coatings and overmoulds)

Reliability issues, long-term stability