In addition to customer projects, we are also participating in various research projects!

* Project to develop test methods for combinatory stretch and bend testing

* Smart2Go (autonomous energy-supply platform for wearable electronics)

Examples of our customer projects:

Development of tailored test method for an industrial device using dust, humidity and electrical stresses

Development of test method and material selection for polymer adhesive used in demanding environmental conditions

Mixed flowing gas corrosion study of printed circuit board surface finishes and conformal polymer coatings

Determination whether IP classification for a device was valid

Environmental stress cracking study of plastic casing materials


Examples of our application areas :

Reliability analysis

Accelerated life testing

Data analysis       

Statistical analysis

Reliability tools and models

Failure mechanisms and failure analysis

Tailored accelerated testing

Multi-stress testing

Material analysis

Characterisation techniques

Long-term stability

Materials selection

Polymers and composites

Material related failures

Protective materials

Adhesive interconnections

Flip chip, flex attachments

Adhesives and glues

Protective materials (coatings and overmoulds)

Reliability issues, long-term stability