Our focus areas are reliability analysis and material analysis. We offer both consultation and experimental services. We offer also services in new electronics techniques, for example in flexible and printed electronics and in adhesive interconnections.

Reliability Analysis

We bring the reliability of your product to the next level. We understand challenging environments and know how to consider them in a wide range of products.

Download our Reliability guide for more information of reliability analysis!

Trelic Reliability analysis

Test planning and testing

Planning and conducting tailored tests are our special expertise areas. We help you to find optimized tests for your products and materials. We offer both test design and actual testing with a wide range of test methods. We can also build complex test setups to ensure the optimum test conditions for your product.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis and Lifetime estimation

A key part of reliability analysis is to extrapolate results of accelerated testing to actual use conditions. We offer prediction models, testing, testing data analysis and our extensive know-how gained from performing reliability tests for various industrial structures.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Failure Analysis

Did your product face unexpected failures, leaving customers angry and disappointed? With failure analysis we can find out what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. We perform non-destructive and destructive failure analysis methods to find the failure modes and mechanisms.

Material Analysis

We find the best materials for your application and find out how they behave in different environments. Our specialities are plastic and polymer materials.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Selection and comparison of materials

There is a vast variety of different materials available. Use environments have a huge effect on the behaviour and stability of the materials.We help you to determine which are the critical aspects of material selection and find the differences between potential materials.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Characterisation of material and long-term reliability

Material manufacturers often give only limited data for their materials. We can help you to analyze missing parameters and ensure the critical parameters are correct. We can also combine environmental reliability testing with material characterization to determine the stability and long-term reliability of the materials.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Corrosion analysis

Corrosion is a major cause for failures and it is becoming more and more critical for reliability. Corrosion analysis methods can give you extra information about the corrosive environment your products are used in.  We offer you corrosion analysis for your devices  and materials as well as corrosive environment monitoring service.

Electronics Packaging and Materials

We have long-term expertise in electronics packaging technologies and electronics materials. We can help especially with new technologies such as electrically conductive adhesives and flexible structures.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Electrically conductive adhesives

We have in-depth expertise in electrically conductive adhesives. We work with both anisotropic (ACA, ACF, ACP) and isotropic conductive adhesives (ICA, ICP, silver paste).  We offer consultation and expertise how to use these materials. We offer also a wide range of bonding techniques and prototyping for various applications.

Trelic Reliability analysis

Reliability testing of printed and flexible electronics

Flexible, stretchable, and printed electronics offer lots of possibilities for new applications. We offer the reliability analysis and testing of these structures and characterisation of the materials used in them. For offer for example dynamic bending testing  and can perform detailed failure analysis.

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