Our focus areas are reliability analysis and material analysis

We offer also services in adhesive interconnections and environmental reliability testing. Read more how we can help you with these matters.

Reliability analysis

We bring the reliability of your product to the next level, because we understand challenging environments and know how to consider them in your products. We help you to:

Determine mission profiles

Reliability testing without proper test definition or reliability goals is both time consuming and costly. Mission profile helps you to better understand your product’s use environments and reliability requirements. With the most crucial use and stress scenarios we optimize your reliability test plans so that you can get the most out of testing.

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Design and perform suitable tailored tests

Planning and conducting tailored tests is our special expertise. Test methods which are not optimized for your products and materials may not give any useful information or, in the worst case, give wrong answers how your product will behave in the hands of your customers. Therefore, testing beyond standards is needed if reliability needs to be understood and improved. Tailored testing can, for example, be combinatory testing combining several stresses or to mimic certain environmental conditions.


Estimate lifetime

A key part of reliability analysis is to extrapolate results of accelerated testing to actual use conditions. This is challenging, but to estimate the lifetimes, we offer prediction models, computer-aided reliability analysis, testing, testing data analysis and our extensive know-how gained from performing reliability tests for various industrial structures.


Conduct failure analysis

Did your product face unexpected failures, leaving customers angry and disappointed? With failure analysis we can find out what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening in the future.

After reliability testing the root-causes leading to failures must be determined. We do statistical analysis for test or field data and perform non-destructive and destructive failure analysis methods to find the failure modes and mechanisms.


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Material analysis

We find the best materials for your application and find out how they behave in different environments. Our specialities are plastic and polymer materials. We help you to:

Select and compare materials

Polymer materials and polymer composites are complicated materials and there is a vast variety of different possibilities available. Use environments have a huge effect on the behaviour and stability of plastic materials. Plastics include also lots of additives, and materials with the same polymer name can differ from each other tremendously. We help you to determine which are the critical aspects of material selection and find the differences between potential materials.

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Characterise material properties

Material manufacturers often give only limited data for their polymer materials. We can help you to analyze missing parameters and ensure the critical parameters are correct.

Characterization methods and their execution tend to affect the gained results. Therefore, when comparing different materials, data sheet values from different vendors may not be comparable. We can help you to get reliable data so that you can choose the best material for your needs.


Determine stability and long-term reliability

Parameters of polymer materials often change when exposed to different environments. When this change occurs gradually in use, it is called aging. This means the data sheet values may not be valid after certain time. We combine environmental reliability testing with material characterization to determine the stability and long-term reliability of the plastic materials of your product in their use environments.

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Adhesive interconnections

We offer consultation, expertise and wide range of bonding techniques for various applications. Our services and expertise include:

  • Selection and characterization of adhesives and glues
  • Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives
  • Several different attachment methods including flip chip and flex attachments
  • Optimisation of bonding process
  • Long-term reliability

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Environmental reliability testing

We offer wide range of standard and tailored tests with test set-ups optimised for your product. Our services and expertise include: 

  • Corrosion testing (Try our Gas n’ Corrosion!)
  • Thermal aging
  • Thermal cycling
  • Humidity testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Dust testing
  • Real-time monitoring

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