Corrosion Monitoring Cube

Easy corrosion monitoring service for storage, transport, use, and test conditions!

Are your products failing in the storage, transport, or field conditions?

Do you need to determine the classifications of your products?

Are you buying new equipment and need to determine the level of corrosion protection?

Do you need to determine the optimum test conditions according to your use conditions?


Fast delivery of results!

Analysis conducted by an expert in Finland. Analysis of results delivered within ten days after we have received the Cube back to our premises

Two analysis methods and four corrosion coupons

Two coupon materials – copper and silver – which significantly improves reliability and accuracy of the analysis

Comparison to common standard corrosive environments

High-quality humidity and temperature sensor is included

Analysis for the wetness level of the studied  environment

Small package

Easy to place in various measurement locations

Why corrosion monitoring cube

Corrosion is caused by a huge number of factors. Corrosion Monitoring Cube helps you to measure the level of corrosion and corrosive elements present at typical use environment of your product or at your production site.

Corrosion Monitoring Cube helps you to determine the right measures for corrosion protection!

Benefits of corrosion monitoring cube

Are your products failing too early

Are your products used in demanding environments?

Global market often causes huge variation in the use environments. Measuring the corrosiveness of both common and critical environments gives you vital information for processing and product development.

Demanding environments include:

  • Marine applications
  • Water treatment plants
  • Mining industry
  • Agriculture
  • Areas over represented in warranty costs

When you know the level of corrosion and corrosive elements present, you can easily give the right corrosion rate classifications for your products!

Do you have problems at production sites?

Production sites can be very corrosive for manufacturing equipment

Are your production facilities failing earlier than they should - this could be caused due to corrosive environment

Why should you measure the level of corrosion at your production site?

You can use the monitoring information to demand certain corrosion rate classifications from suppliers

The results help you in conflict situations to investigate why something failed

Corrosion cube helps you to classify use conditions according to several corrosion standards

After analysis we will send you a comprehensive report

Understanding corrosion is a complicated matter. Finding the needed information from corrosion classification standards can be time consuming and complicated.

Classifying your products has never been easier! The report can also include comparison of the analysis results to common corrosion test methods.

The results will be analysed and reported by an expert. We do all our labour in Finland which guarantees quick schedule you get the results in ten days after we have received the cube back to our premises.

Our report is easy to read and requires no special knowledge. Check an example here!

Why is corrosion monitoring critical

Every year corrosion causes huge amount of expenses due to early failures and maintenance costs.

In 2013 NACE estimated the expenses due to corrosion to be globally US$2.5 trillion

In 2017 the expenses in China were estimated to be approximately US$310 billion (Nature)

Transportation and electronics had the greatest expenses due to corrosion.

A critical point of the study was that 15-35% of the expenses due to corrosion could be prevented by appropriate corrosion mitigation approaches

It is possible to protect your product against corrosion. However, do you know in what kind of environments your products are actually used and what are the most efficient methods of protection?

The aim of Corrosion Monitoring Cube is to enable you to determine the corrosion in your use environments and find the most efficient test methods to ensure the reliability of your product in these conditions!

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