Electronics packaging

In Trelic, we offer services in several areas of electronics packaging.

Miniaturization has been one of the major trends in electronics for more than a decade. We can help to find ways to miniaturize a product using new technologies and materials. We have worked widely for example with flip chip technique using thin dies and flexible electronics including for example flex-on-board and flex-on-flex techniques.

We have expertise from all major interconnection technologies and can offer small scale prototype production with several different techniques. In our laboratory we have surface mount technology (SMT) equipment for small scale prototyping. Additionally, we have equipment for flip chip and flex circuit (flexible PCB) attachments. Furthermore, we have manual bonding in clean room for very versatile attachment techniques and for challenging components. We have worked with lead free solders and electrically conductive adhesives (ECA). Especially, we have expertise in anisotropic conducive adhesives (ACF) and in their use in various demanding applications.

We can work with a wide range of different printed circuit board (PCB) structures. We have expertise in using high density microvia boards and different flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB). We can design multilayer and flexible test PCBs.

One of our main expertise areas is understanding demanding environments and how to consider them in electronics packaging. We can help with packaging for demanding applications. We have also widely worked with protective materials in electronics including optical adhesives, conductive adhesives, conformal coatings, underfills, glob tops and overmolds and can provide services with these materials.

We work in many areas of electronics packaging including for example consumer products, sensors, medical electronics, industrial electronics, flexible electronics and power electronics.

Please see the leaflet for our electronics packaging services.

To learn more about our expertise areas and services we can offer, please contact:

Laura Frisk, Mobile: +358 50 597 9667

Sanna Lahokallio, Mobile: +358 40 775 7497

email. firstname.lastname@trelic.fi