Failure analysis

Trelic has vast expertise of failure analysis of different electronics structures. In our laboratory we can use many different non-destructive and destructive techniques to analyze the root cause for failures. We can also perform statistical analysis of reliability data. Furthermore, we can perform real-time measurements during testing which can offer important information for failure analysis.

For non-destructive testing (NTD) we can use different electrical measurements. These can be used to locate a failure within a device and in some cases also to analyze potential failure modes and mechanisms.

For NTD we have also scanning acoustic microscope (SAM), which can be used to analyse for example cracks and delamination within a structure.

Furthermore, we have an optical microscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM) for the visual inspection with can be used to analyse the device. The SEM can also be used with nergy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) to conduct elemental analysis to support failure analtsis.

For destructive failure analysis we have metallographic equipment which can be used to manufacture cross-sections of different structures. We can use both the optical and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) to analyze the cross-sections for failures.

Our wide range of materials characterization techniques can be used to support the failure analysis.

Please see the leaflet for our reliability analysis and testing services.

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