Reliability testing

Trelic works in a very wide range of reliability testing (accelerated life testing) techniques. In our testing laboratory it is possible to study the functionality, aging and failure of components, interconnections, materials and whole devices in different accelerated environments. The laboratory has several different test chambers for thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical testing methods. We can perform testing from use conditions to highly accelerated testing. We help from test planning to analysis of the root causes.

For thermal aging there are ovens in various sizes up to temperatures of 300°C. Thermal cycling can be performed from -70°C to 180°C with temperature change rates varying from a few degrees up to 90°C per minute, depending on the test chamber.

For humidity testing several chambers are available. Combined temperature and humidity testing is possible between 10-85°C and 10-95%RH. Additionally, various humidity cycling tests are possible.

Mechanical testing can be conducted with our drop test equipment designed for hand held electronics or with a sinusoidal vibration shaker up to 3000 Hz and 30 G. The shaker can also be placed inside a test chamber with controlled temperature and humidity.

For corrosion testing there is a salt spray chamber and a mixed flowing gas chamber for H2S, Cl2, NO2 and SO2 gases.

The laboratory also houses a settling dust test chamber which may be used with several different dusts to study for example the effect of electrically conductive dust on electronics behavior.

The laboratory has a wide range of logging devices to analyze electrical performance of the tested structures and devices in real time. Furthermore, Trelic’s team has long term experience with real-time testing of electronics devices.

In addition to testing, we offer help in both design and manufacturing of test structures and test setups.

Please see the leaflet for our reliability analysis and testing services.

To learn more about our expertise areas and services we can offer, please contact:

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