Comparison between mixed flowing gas and flowers of sulphur corrosion testing

Written by Sanna Lahokallio

22 March 2021

Corrosion is a major cause for failures in electronics and its importance is increasing. Therefore, corrosion testing is also getting more and more attention these days. Choosing the most suitable test method is, however, complicated because corrosion processes are very complex and difficult to replicate. Additionally, the knowledge how to link corrosive environment to testing environment with similar corrosion effect is not yet available. This is a major topic we, at Trelic, are currently solving.

Various corrosion test methods are available. In the last weeks we have been extensively working with mixed flowing gas (MFG) and flowers of Sulphur (FoS) tests. In all of our corrosion tests, corrosion has been monitored with corrosion coupons for which gravimetric analysis as well as coulometric reduction have been performed. Additionally, a wide range of different test structures has been tested.

Our CEO, Laura was recently presenting some of the results in Celcorr 2021 seminar. She was especially talking about MFG and FoS tests. The image below is a link to the slides!

Slides available also here.

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